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Environmental Partners International

Environmental Partners International LLC (EPI) is a Project Developer working in state with in-country partners in their designated forest territories. Through compliance with REDD+ guidelines, EPI provides extensive assistance to countries throughout the globe working to purchase carbon credits and offset deforestation.

Who We Are

EPI is a group of project developers who are committed to assisting countries and landowners in monetizing their resources through powerful advanced strategies. EPI sources and secures projects through credentialed in-country partners. We can secure as many projects as possible given the funds available. By partnering with us, landowners can set up a monitoring system that prevents deforestation while maintaining a steady stream of income based on their natural resources.

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable way to advance the use of land to the benefit of future generations, however we are also fully aware of the monetary potential this new strategy offers countries and landowners. We work with 26 countries worldwide and are expanding our reach with each passing year. Once we secure a partnership, we then verify assets presented and sell or split them for profit with the states they belong to. Although we are a for-profit organization, we align ourselves with ethical guidelines for maximizing the potential of the world’s most precious resources—forests.

Why We Do What We Do

The world’s forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. This process is not only harming our climate but also the way we live. Without a proper balance of Co2 levels in the atmosphere, life on the planet would not be possible. Continued deforestation will result in the elimination of thousands of habitats, species and plants.

We partner with countries around the globe to hopefully offset this devastating problem and encourage individual countries to find a new way to bring wealth to the nation. Not only is this issue a concern, but it also has the potential to be a lucrative investment for those who join in on the opportunity now.

What to Expect

When partnering with us, you can expect a new approach to solve an old problem. We have developed an environmental model that uses funds, which provide the capital necessary to develop a process that protects the forest while helping countries earn carbon credits. By utilizing the correct international protocols that align with environmental protection models, countries can maximize their potential.

Our approach motivates landowners to protect the environment while providing a higher profit result than deforestation or enterprises that surround that industry. We use the funds of our investors to create a sustainable, customized plan that contributes to long-term results and highly profitable returns via carbon credits. Once we assist our partners in developing a sustainable plan and they are aligned with international protocols for environmental protection, they can expect carbon credits along with a healthier environment in their country. Once the carbon credits are awarded, the funds are split between project developers, investors, and landowners.

Why You Should Work With Us

EPI is the only company to successfully monetize the credits offered by international institutions. We provide our partners real funds that can support their country. Our commitment to sustainability along with our dedication to ensuring our partners have the support they need to successfully navigate the confusing world of environmental protection enables us to stand out from other similar companies.

Sustainable, profitable and internationally accepted

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