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We present a unique investment opportunity that simultaneously contributes to the rescue of the world’s forests

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The world around us is changing at a staggering pace

If we fail to act, continued deforestation will result in the elimination of our planet’s inhabitants and plant species.

Our planet’s future is a serious issue

…and one that is also a potentially lucrative opportunity for concerned investors.


  • Forest preservation is crucial to the Earth’s ability to regulate itself.
  • Forests are one of the most potent ecosystem regulators.
  • Forests are critical to sustain humanity by regulating atmospheric carbon.
  • Earth deforestation accounts for almost 1/5 of the world’s man-made carbon emissions, exceeding all global pollutants combined.
  • Forest destruction is crucial to Earth’s ability to regulate itself.
    Deforestation makes the environment potentially unsustainable for human life.

  • Deforestation makes the environment potentially unsustainable for human life.
  • Forest users are often marginalized indigenous communities which are forced to cut down forests to provide for themselves with a one-off income stream through timber sales.
  • Cleared lands are often used for grazing and farming further releasing massive amounts of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
  • International climate change agreements provide a new approach to help remedy this shared global challenge.

Environmental Model

Gas Management
the Carbon Market

  • Our business model provides the capital needed to develop a process for the protection of forests.
  • By using the appropriate international agreements to protect against climate change, land owners (countries, republics, and regions) can receive assistance to protect forests within their jurisdiction from damage or destruction.
  • Our company supports projects that help motivate landowners to take measures to protect the environment by providing them with the means to earn profits greater than those that can be obtained from deforestation.

ability to invest and receive income

We achieve these results by introducing a system of restrictions on permitted atmospheric gas emissions — “fixed quotas” –by states, private companies, and individuals. Permitted emissions can be assigned or sold (“assigned volume units” (AAUs)). As set out in Article 17 of the Kyoto Protocol, carbon trading of emissions allows countries to save these units and sell them at the market price to other countries that need them. This market price creates a completely new type of product in the form of emission reductions (quotas). The common term is “carbon market”.

project developers

    • Environmental Partners International EPI (EPI) was an early global leader in the climate change industry and carbon economy.
    • Since 2010, EPI has been at the forefront of global forest protection project development under REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation).
    • EPI works with in-country partners in national and regional designated forest territories.




Sustainable, profitable and internationally accepted project development company

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